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Pentaho BI Platform is here to help us to make decisions

Posted by Manuel Gonzalez  on July 22, 2013  
Pentaho User Console Main Page

Since some months ago we are working with Pentaho Bi Platform. It offers a suite of open source Business Intelligence products providing data integration (PDI), OLAP services, reporting, dashboarding, data mining and Extract, Transform and Load (ETL / Kettle) process.

Pentaho is here since 2004, five people developed this suite of Business Intelligence. There are two offerings to deploy the BI Platform, an enterprise and community edition. There are a bit more features in the enterprise edition than in the community edition, if you are looking for the enterprise edition you can get it through an annual subscription and also get extra support services.

With Pentaho Suite you can do a lot, imagine that you have rows in a XLS file and you wish export it to Data Bases, well, Kettle (as is called Pentaho Data Integration) is the right tool to do the task, but not just to export to Data Bases, you can export, even import from xml, flat files, html and more. Don't worry about the large data, work with big data is the hobby in Pentaho Suite, after all it is here for it.

There are others tools in the Suite like Pentaho Report Designer (PRD) to play with reports after getting the data from the source that, as I said above, the data source can be data bases, xml, html, json, xls, flat files and others. As you can imagine, we can integrate two or more tools in the suite to get goals, for example we can do a transformations into Kettle and use a PRD template to make a nice PDF report, HTML Report or more. Despite the said above, the most lovely tool for me is Pentaho User Console. It is a Web Platform (BI Platform / BA Platform), runs behind of Apache Java Application Server and can be embedded into other Java Application Servers. The reason because I love it is "Dashboard", which are collections of other content components displayed together with the goal of providing a centralized view of key performance indicators and other business data reports. Through of Dashboard you can monitor the business data movements and then make decisions in based on it. Think in Dashboard as information graphics, tables, OLAP views or reports.

Feel free to contact us through our contact form or our email for enquiry about Pentaho Suite.

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