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Web application for administration and manage loans

Posted by Manuel Gonzalez  on July 31, 2015  
Agreement between PayPal and Dominican Banco Popular

The team of SoftNet has developed a web application for manage loans. The app is very useful for those people or companies which loan money; in the app the creditors can make a lot of stuff as create loan request, create customers, import their loans from their current system, but the most important thing is the dashboard.

Dashboard is the heart of the system, it is a series of very useful informations whose target is tell you everything about how is running your business. There you can find bar charts, donalds charts, area chart, see which loans are with quota delays, see how many loans you have actives, new requests, for reviews or with quota delays. But there are more, there are an area chart which give you a review from the last twelve months, telling you per month how much capital you have borrowed, how much capital you have collected, how much interest you generated and how much interest you have collected and the same for quotas in delay. But wait!, there are a donald chart too where you can see in general, from the times of the times in your business the same information from the area chart.

That is just the tip of the iceberg. The list of features for this loan system have more than three pages and everyday is growing, the most recent feature was a history log where every action that agents do is stored and you can query this data filtering for date, agent / user, place, action (create, update or delete) and finally look at the data created or before the updated.

Feel free to contact us through our contact form or our email for enquiry about this loan system and how it can support your business.

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