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Web Framework Django based in Python is a great platform for your large and complex projects.

Posted by Manuel Gonzalez  on July 15, 2013  
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We never stop of innovate, as it we said in one of our slogans. Despite that many devs talk in not good way about PHP, we think that PHP is a great language for web development with a lot of resources to help us when we work with most web app that we developed everyday.

However, when you need develop a large app where is necessary make integration with OS components or others native apps in it. Maybe is time to let alone PHP and explore a platform like Django, who has behind all the Python's language power.

The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines

The above subtitle is from Django website, in short it want to say us that it is not just a robust platform, but further you can code quickly and be a perfectionists with a higher quality level. Python is a clean and readable language with pragmatic design, you can make rapid development with it; is used for general purpose. In my opinion it is a language that like in PHP help you with a lot of things without enter into complex sintaxis.

Because all this, we are implementing Python and Django in some projects that, although some them are not large, but make use of OS components and here is where need the Python power. After all, for a good reason is that websites and company like Disqus, Instagram, Mozilla, Pinterest and hundreds more are using Django / Python.

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